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When you are moving house, you will often find that there are things that do not really fit in the new place that well, either with sizing issues, or for decoration reasons. If you find yourself with unwanted furniture your first thought will likely be to get some sort of storage sorted out, but this can be a massive mistake. Self storage N1 will rarely be worth the money that it costs, so you need to think long and hard about the nature of the storage that you are undertaking, and be wary of rushing headlong into a commitment that may leave you well out of pocket for little return.

There are a few basic rules involved in making sure that you live life happily and without stress. One of them is living within your means. As a society, we are obsessed with borrowing and hoping that things will come out right in the end. Many of us have debts that we just get on with and pretend like they never exist, and it can be one of the main causes of stress related illness and suicide. One of the main reasons that we lump ourselves with this sort of debt is because of the aspirational nature of society nowadays; no one wants to appear to be doing anything other than extremely well. You will likely not want to throw away furniture that you do not need, as it represents a sum of money that you parted with previously in your life, and therefore holds more value in your ownership, than the amount that you would receive if you sold it. This is another problem with our lives, it lies in consumer economies, where the new worth of something is incredibly high, but as soon as it has been bought, unless it is a collectible, it is pretty much worthless. You are right to not want to throw away things that you feel are valuable to you, but in essence, by keeping them in storage you will not be adding value to them, rather you will be increasing the amount that you have spent in the first place, making the eventual sale or binning of the item all the more of a loss.

With this in mind, you should consider the reasons that you would keep something in storage N1. We have talked at length about ‘value’ above, and this comes in various forms. From emotional value to financial value, if an object feels like it has ‘worth’ invested in it, we will not want to part with it. There can be allowances made for certain things, if you have a precious object from a dead relative, or a family heirloom that remains extremely important to you, then you should not feel forced to sell it or throw it away. In this instance, the object is one that should be appreciated, rather than hidden away just to hand it on in later life to a younger from the family. If you can’t fit it in the house, then perhaps it is time to hand it on now? Giving it to another family member who understands its value may help the legacy of the object live on. Storing it in a locker will only mean that the heirloom loses its potency as a part of the family.

If you are keeping on to something because you know it has potential value upon resale, as a collector’s item, or as part of an investment, then you need to know exactly how much it is worth, in order to garner an idea as to how much you can reasonably spend on holding on to it before you have to sell.

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