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If you are planning a house move to the London area of Docklands and hoping to manage well, you will need to follow some of the best moving tips and utilize some tricks to ensure a successful relocation and a stress-free experience for you and your family. Here are the best tips which will help you have a well-organized move.

1.    Prepare a moving checklist: A good moving checklist is an essential part of every relocation. It should outline the things you need to do, buy and sort out before, during and after the house move.
2.    Leave the clutter behind: Don’t make the mistake of packing and moving old items you will never use again. A house move is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the clutter and ensure a faster, cheaper and easier relocation. Ask yourself how likely are you to use the item later on. If the answer is no, simply throw it away, recycle or donate it. Old clothing, broken tools, useless electronics – leave it all behind so you don’t end up cluttering your new home.
3.    Choose the service wisely: The moving service you hire will determine how successful and easy your relocation is, so choose well. You don’t need to trust an inexperienced and unreliable mover – this will be a complete waste of money. It’s better to pay a bit higher but to be 100% sure in the moving company you are hiring.
4.    Enlist help: If you can get more work done with the help of friends and family, this will be great and you might not even need professional packing services.
5.    Box it: You will need cardboard moving boxes of various sizes and in good condition. Even if you look for used boxes, make sure they are odor-free, dry and sturdy enough. The safety of your belongings is the most important thing during the house move. You can also buy a whole bundle of packing material.
6.    Use a-b-c packing system: When packing it’s best to mark boxes with A, B or C, according to their priority for using. Once you arrive at the new house you will know exactly which boxes to unpack first.
7.    Wrap well: You will have to wrap each fragile item well – use plain paper, linen or bubble wrap and don’t forget to secure with packing tape. Most movers use unprinted newspaper, which can’t stain the items.
8.    Label it: use colored stickers to label the boxes – a different colour for each room so unpacking can be quick and easy. These stickers will also guide the movers when they unload the boxes and carry them to the rooms.
9.    Lighten up: It’s easier to carry the moving boxes to the moving truck or van if they aren’t heavier than 50lbs when fully packed so make sure you don’t overfill them.
10.     Pack early: You don’t have to pack all the moving boxes in one weekend. It’s better to start packing early and to distribute tasks so you don’t get exhausted than to rush it.
11.     Follow the one room rule: After the move make sure that you set one room quickly. This space should be all arranged and free of boxes where the family can sit together and rest.

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