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When you are moving home to east London, you will most likely be wanting to make the whole experience as easy as possible. If you are a working parent, then you will likely need to spend as much time keeping your career and family life on track as possible, and will have very little time to get a house move E14 sorted. Therefore, saving time and allocating tasks to others will be high on your list of priorities. For this reason, a packing service may seem like an attractive option, which would save you time and potentially money, if it means that you can stay at work for longer. There certainly are positives to using a Poplar packing service, but there are also major pitfalls, which if you are not aware of, then you may find that the whole things more hassle and expense than the potential savings!

Firstly, the expense, you will likely have to pay whoever is providing the service a fair chunk of money to pack up your house, as it would probably take a couple of solid days of work, and as it is quite a laborious task, it is unlikely that the daily rate is cheap. You may be looking at dropping around two hundred pounds on getting your place packed up. If this seems low to you, then you will probably want to go for the service, but to many, it will be an expense that is far beyond them, especially given that you could likely do it all on your own for free!

If you do decide to go for the packing service to make your Poplar removal that little bit less stressful, then you will likely have to spend a little bit of time taking the packer through the process, including showing them what you want packed in which order, and how to treat more precious expensive items. If you have to do all of this explaining, would it not just be easier to do it all yourself? You will probably have to spend the best part of a day getting it all straightened out, and that is a whole day of packing by yourself that you could have done for free! There is also the fact that if the packing is not up to scratch, things may get broken, and then the value of having someone pack up your house will be completely offset by the damage done to your belongings!

Whatever you decide on, you will have to hand over some of your time, and even if that’s fine, then you will likely have to give up a bit of freedom in order to have someone in your house packing everything up. The difficulties involved in not knowing where everything is if you need it quickly can be a real issue, especially in an emergency. If you feel like the main reason that you want to have someone do the process for you, is to make it so you can be at work as much as possible, then how much do you trust having someone in your house unsupervised, especially at a time when things are being packed away, and it is hard to assess whether things have gone missing until after the move? If anything is stolen, then you may well never realize until it is way too late.

Whatever you decide, keep these things in mind to safeguard against any issues.

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