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Hire Us to Manage and Organise Your Packing for You!

Movers and PackersWhen it comes to relocating, people usually consider the overall task of moving to be the most stressful part, closely followed by the dreaded job of packing up. That is a time consuming task that needs to be done if you want to relocate to a new property or move your items in to storage. However, if packing isn’t really your thing, maybe you are unable to pack up all of your belongings successfully, or perhaps you simply just don’t have the time, whatever the reason; we are here to help you. Handy Removals are the experts when it comes down to moving and packing, because we have had years of experience in this area. We can come in to your home or work place and take control of all your organising, without you even having to lift a finger – or box!

What Does Our Packing Service Involve?

Once you have decided that you are going to relocate, you may call us up and arrange a date for us to come in to your commercial or domestic environment and pack up your items. We will provide all of the appropriate amounts of packing materials, such as: boxes, tape, wrapping, paper, cardboard, marker pens, labels, cellophane and more. As we are a professional team of movers and packers, we have access to the best quality packing supplies on the market, which help to successfully pack up your belongings securely and in an ordered manner. Your packing can be done at any time and on any day that most conveniently fits in to your time frame. You may choose to have us pack up all of your belongings in one go, or if it is better for you, we can complete the task in as many visits as you would like.

The Right Materials for the Job

Packing KitsUnlike the types of packing products which are available to you in supermarkets and local craft shops, we have packing materials which are made specially to pack specific items. We have special boxes for the successful protection of your electrical products, such as your computers, televisions, laptops, audio systems etc. as well as padded boxes for your fragile items and breakables. In addition to these materials, we also have larger boxes for relocating your larger pieces of furniture, large plastic sheets for covering and protecting your upholstery items like your sofas and mattresses, as well as many, many more. We use special heavy duty boxes for the job, as well a thick tapes and cellophane wraps which are all used by many other profession, commercial movers.

What are the Benefits?

By choosing to hire us to manage your packing duties, you will save yourself time and stress on doing a job that you may not be capable of completing to the best of your ability or which you don’t have the time or energy for. In addition, we can also save you money on buying potentially unsuitable packing materials, which are not suitable for commercial use and relocations. In just as little as few hours, we can successfully start and finish your packing with excellent results. Your items will be arranged and organised efficiently, before being wrapped and packed in our suitable boxes and bags. If you can’t be present when we come to pack, then just leave us a key and your instructions and therefore we can still make sure that we can get the job done for you.

Leave the packing to Handy Removals simply by calling 020 8746 4380 now and booking us to pack up your items!

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