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Moving Abroad Can Be Sorted in Just Three Easy Steps

Moving AbroadHandy Removals are the company to choose when it comes to high quality relocation services and customer care. We make moving look easy and that’s because relocating with us is the easiest, simplest and best choice that you can make. Now, if you’re thinking that moving abroad with us is not going to be as easy and as straight forward as our other relocations, then we are here to tell you that you are wrong, because we can move you to your new overseas destination without causing you any hassle or hard work. The best thing about our moving abroad services is that they are well organised and can all be sorted in just three easy steps. Take the problems and headaches out of your overseas relocation and book a move with us!

Throughout the years that we have been offering overseas moves, our company has successfully moved many clients to various locations within Europe and further afield. To ensure that each and every one of our relocations is given the attention and sufficient amount of organisation that is required, we will assign a project manager to each and every client who hires us to manage their removal. A project manager will be there to assist and support each client and will discuss various points with their client. After acquiring the necessary amount of information and requirements from the client, together with your project manager we will then be able to form a custom made removals package especially for you.

Compared to moving within your own country, an overseas relocation may differ in some ways. For example, some countries charge an importation fee for expats who are relocating their items to that particular country. Not every country has any requirements to meet or fees to pay upon entering that country however; we will do our research prior to relocating your belongings, so as to make sure that we have everything covered before setting off on the trip. As we have an extensive amount of experience in moving our clients abroad, our drivers and removals men are used to travelling on foreign roads and will be able to complete your move quickly and efficiently. Each of our modern and reliable vehicles are checked over prior to setting off to your new destination and hold all of the necessary paper work and insurances for being driven outside of the UK.

International RelocationWhether you are moving abroad for a new lifestyle or with work, we can provide you with a stress-free, uncomplicated and straight forward move. We will take on both domestic and commercial relocations and will relocate your personal belongings at a time that is most convenient for you and your life. Our company manages moves of all sizes, types and to all different destinations so we are sure that we have something to offer you.

Relocating abroad with us is easy and can all be sorted in three simple steps:
1.    Contact us and inquire about the country you are planning to move and get a quote on your relocation
2.    Your project manager will get in touch with you to discuss the time and date in which would be most appropriate for you to move. They will also discuss other points with you so as to help give you the best moving experience possible.
3.    Moving day is here! Our removals men will be there to load your items on to their vehicle before then relocating them to your new home. If you are unable to be there at either ends of the move, then simply just leave us with instructions and we can complete the task without you having to be present.

Step one of your move can be done today by calling 020 8746 4380 and enjoy a friendly relocation with Handy Removals.

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