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Universal Man and Van Services that You Can Count On

Man with a VanSometimes you don’t always need to hire a large removals vehicle to transport your goods to a different location, quite often a high top van is more than enough to do the job successfully. Not only do Handy Removals supply our customers with a reliable, modern and insured van, but we also provide our own experienced van drivers to drive the vehicle for you too. All of our services and facilities available to our clients share one main thing in common and that is that they aim to make your life easier and simpler. Our van rental services are fast, punctual and reputable service which could be just what you need for moving your goods. If you don’t require the assistance of a large removals vehicle, or don’t want to waste money on expensive courier or delivery costs then our man and van services are the right choice for you.

We charge our clients a flat rate for renting our vans from us and the price we charge you will not differ. The total cost of our van hire services includes labour costs, a driver included as well as fuel and so you will not be charged additional fees for these services. With every van rental we will provide you with our professional and experienced van drivers who will relocate your items quickly and efficiently to any location that you choose.

Van hire is a low priced, professional and reliable service which can be used for a number of transportation purposes. If you’re planning a small but fast move, hiring one of our vans may be highly beneficial to you. As long as you have your boxes packed and ready, you can simply just hire out one of our vans and load on your goods. Our team of working drivers, who will manage your van relocation, will be there to manage the loading and unloading for you so that you can leave the work to us. If your relocation doesn’t require a lot of planning, is a fairly last minute decision or is on a fairly small scale, then our van rentals are the ideal choice for what you need.

Man and VanPerhaps you are looking to purchase a motorcycle, some furniture or other large items from a store and are looking for some kind of method of transportation to transport them to your own home or office, hiring a van from us could be the cheaper and easier alternative. Whether or not home delivery options are available to you, they often come at a very high price and don’t include the added benefit of the staff helping you with offloading your purchases or anything else you may need assistance with. You may often find that there is a waiting list for the store’s home delivery service, whereas we can offer you a fast and punctual service whenever you need it. It only takes one phone call to our company and you can have your very own van and driver there with you to undertake your tasks.

Our drivers cover all UK based destinations and will travel to and from any location within the United Kingdom. Distance is not a problem for us and we will be happy to travel to anywhere you want at any time that is most convenient for you. We strive to make our services flexible and so we will aim to fit them in to your schedule.

This universal method transportation could save you time and money on more expensive removal and delivery alternatives. To book our services now, call Handy Removals on 020 8746 4380.

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