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London's EC1 post code area is a small but diverse segment of London. Islington, Camden and the City of London are its main local authorities. There are a few good excuses to move here; Clerkenwell has some of the best restaurants in London, as well as some great bars for the drinks enthusiasts out there. For those with an interest in medicine related courses, the Moorfield Eye Hospital doubles as a postgraduate training centre, specialising in Ophthalmology (Eye medicine).

If you're planning to move to the EC1 area, there's many ways to go about it. You could handle everything yourself, or hire a professional to aid you through the process. If possible, I always recommend hiring a professional if your budget can stretch to it, simply because it helps make a stressful process less stressful.

So, the next step is choosing which professional is the best fit for you. As you've probably worked out from reading the article title, I recommend a Man and van hiring firm over a professional mover. Why? Well, a Man and van mover offers all of the advantages that a professional removal company does, but for a lower price point. They'll turn up in their van,  handle all of the heavy lifting and manoeuvring, secure everything in an appropriate fashion and drive it to your new home. Just like any other EC1 removal company would.

So with that settled, here are just a few of the advantages that hiring a man and van company will offer you over trying to handle everything yourself;

As I mentioned earlier, they'll handle all of the heavy lifting for you. This means that you don't have to risk putting your back out by lifting everything yourself. These people are trained and experienced enough in the moving trade that they know the best and most efficient way to move your stuff.

Which leads me to my next advantage – by hiring someone with years of moving experience you can put all of your worries to rest. You know that they're going to handle your goods with care – it's their trade, after all.

And, having someone around who can take care of everything means that you don't have to. You can spend the time you'd normally be spending getting the van ready doing something else. You could be preparing yourself and your family for the upcoming move, having one last look around your old neighbourhood, or even just sitting back and relaxing. What you do during this time is completely up to you.

That's a good list of advantages, isn't it? But hold on, before you can experience them for yourself, you have you hire the right EC1 Man and van mover. This is a fairly simple process – look around your area and make a list of the Man and van firms that operate in your local area. Say, within twenty miles. Then do your research – go on the Internet and look on customer comparison web sites. Whittle down your list by finding out which ones are best worth your time, and only after all of that should you ring for an estimate. Quality and customer care over the lowest possible price every time.

With all of this in your mind, you can plan the other aspects of your EC1 move. Plan out your own journey, what supplies to take and other such preparations. You don't have to worry about your material goods, just the ones that are your family.

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