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So you have just been promoted at work or you have finally managed to save up enough to buy a new house? Moving to the area of SW15 on a short notice is definitely not the easiest of tasks, but with a little professional assistance and good preparation, there is no reason not to manage within the deadline you have. Often relocations that are based on job promotions are conducted on a short notice. It’s definitely not something to be that worried about as millions of people do it. Of course a house move is stressful, but this can be an opportunity to sort things out quicker and move into your dream house sooner than planned and this is a definite advantage.

Start by hiring the moving company, whether you are doing a local move, relocating across the country or internationally. A good moving company knows the basic stages of a house move and their assistance will be invaluable. Call a few removals companies, discuss their costs and the insurance. Compare at least three companies and make sure the communication stays open and active.

Shop around for a moving truck to hire, if you want to take care of the bigger part of the move. You could even drive the truck, if you are confident enough that you’ll manage. Compare the rates of different companies – this is absolutely acceptable. Sometimes you could even negotiate the final cost. When you don’t have much time until the moving day everything has to be faster – planning, research, packing.

Count the days that are left until your deadline and prepare a checklist with the tasks distributed day by day. Next, count the rooms in your house to determine the amount of packing material you will need. Don’t forget to divide the number of days you have by the number of the rooms – this will help you ensure that packing is according to the schedule. Packing is a tough process and you need to ensure the safety of your belongings, so even when packing quicker than usual, don’t be too quick and careless.

Plan the order of packing and make sure your whole family is involved in the process. Packing is not one person’s job. If you really don’t have enough days to pack everything, hire a team of packers, but be ready to pay the cost of that. Always start packing the least used room and the non-essential items. Label the boxes as you go and tick off the items on the inventory list. If you have many unwanted items that are still usable, contact a local charity and ask if they can send a truck or a van to pick them up for you. This will save you the time and energy to drive them yourself.

You need to obtain moving boxes that are evenly-sized, sturdy and clean which can be sealed. You can use boxes that have been previously used, but make sure they are dry and odor-free first. Get plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap to ensure the safety of all the fragile items. Only pack the items that you are planning to continue using in your future house and get rid of the clutter.

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