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Wherever you move to, regardless of the fact that your new postcode is to start with NW10, the move can severely impact upon your child, causing short term and even long term problems when it comes to behaviour and the ability to socialise and get close to people.  Therefore you should make sure the move is as easy on your child as is possible, and try to let them be a part of the decision making process as much as you can.
Children are simpler creatures than we adults are, they have more basic needs and wants, and this is reflected in the way that they feel about their home.  To us a house is a house, to children it is their home, it is where they feel safe, protected and secure, and so when they are told that they will need to move house they are suddenly taken out of their comfort zone and can sometimes become very upset that things are changing.  

Things you can do to help make the move easier on your child:
•    Have extra patience with them, this will be difficult as you will have less patience than normal when you are moving, you will be stressed out and will feel like you are being pulled in different directions.  Avoid saying things like “this isn’t what I need right now”, try not to make the move about you but about the family, and if your child is upset and is acting out try to understand the reason for this rather than getting angry with them for being naughty and making the move more difficult.

•    Explain to your child that you are moving home and the reasons behind the decision.  Allow them to have some say on this, even if they are completely against the move, just letting them voice this will help them to better deal with it. Try to let your child help to make some decisions and get involved so they feel like they have a say rather than am being told what is happening.

•    When you are packing up your home ready for the move, try to pack your child’s room last.  If they have their room with all of their things in it, they have the security they are losing for a little longer, furthermore, they can keep themselves occupied by playing.  When you arrive at your new home unpack your child’s room first and try to settle them into the new house as quickly as possible.

•    Try to avoid moving too far and if possible keep your child in the same school.  Moving home is stressful enough for children, making them move schools and lose all of their friends will make the move 100 times more difficult for your child to come to terms with.
The impact moving home could have on your child:

•    Children who move home, especially those children who move home often, don’t do as well as other children at school.  Their grades tend to drop and in most cases stay low, the child makes less effort at school and in making friends and settling in.

•    Some children can develop emotional and/or behavioural problems, as well as abandonment issues, they can start acting out, being deliberately naughty and not caring about the consequences.

•    Children sometimes find it more difficult to make and keep friends, they sometimes do not know how to form a close relationship with someone else and can become isolated and solitary.

•    As adults, children who are moved from home to home, are said to be less happy, have fewer friends and close relationships, and sometimes they even die at a younger age.

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