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London – this country's capital city and the largest and most populated city in Europe. It's a bustling melting pot of different creeds and cultures – it's a place that just has to be experienced. In order to move here though, you really should hire some professional help.

Companies that can help with your move come in two basic flavours; Moving companies and man with van London companies. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, but at the end of the day they both strive towards to same goal; giving their customers the best possible moving experience (for a fee, of course). Just expect to pay a little more for the moving company, due to higher volume of staff. A man with van is just a man and his van, after all.

So, just what are the advantages to hiring one of these professional movers over simply biting the bullet and doing everything yourself? Well, here are three of the most relevant to the average mover;

- Putting your goods in the hands of a trained professional gives you piece of mind. Why? Because you know that when they're handling your goods, you know that they will be doing so with the greatest of care. Not only that, they'll be insured, so in the event that something breaks and is lost, you can be sure you'll be compensated properly. When on a move (which is a very stressful experience) having all of this is a god send. It'll reduce the stress levels and allows you to plan the next step on the road to your new home.

- With one of these companies on your side, there's less hard work to be done. Sure, you'll have to do the packing, but they will handle everything else. They'll lift all of the heavy boxes and furniture, secure them in their van appropriately and take it all the way to London. Most of these firms will even disassemble and reassemble your flat packed furniture before and after the journey.

-And perhaps most importantly, it allows you time to prepare for your move in other ways. Say, you could unwind and contemplate what you're going to do once you arrive. You could also have a final look around your current neighbourhood and say your goodbyes. Or if any of your children are feeling uneasy about the London move, you could spend this time trying to get them on your side. You can do all this just because you hired someone to handle the move for you. It's a pretty good deal, and probably worth the price by itself.

So, if you're convinced by these advantages, what should you take into account when looking for a professional mover?

Well, it's simple – first you decide whether to hire a full on moving company or a man with van firm. You should base your decision on the size of your move, how far away you live from London, and of course, your budget. If you're a small family on a tight budget, a man with van is the way to go. A bigger family with more space requirements should go ahead and choose the moving company.

After you've figured that out, you should do your research. Check all of the firms that fit your requirements in your area, and see which strikes the best balance between customer quality and affordability. Once you've whittled your list down, you'll be ready to go.

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