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Soho – the west end London district known for being the coolest corner in town. But, as a resident you probably already knew that. It's a great place to live, but sometimes a move is inevitable. Whether you're moving away or just to another part of Soho, it's worth hiring a removal company of some kind. Let the hunt begin.

A good removal company is the oil that keeps the moving machine running. A move is very much possible without one, but it won't go as smoothly and has a higher possibility of breaking down. Think about it; for a relatively small outlay, you can hire a company that will not only handle the transport arrangements, but will usually help with the packing and unpacking as well as helping with the clean up.

Take note, however, that I said a good Soho removal company. A cowboy mover will essentially make an already hard move even harder, and probably won't even cost any less. So, what steps can you take to make sure you hire a company you can trust? Well, there are a few things you can do;

Have a good look around the Soho area and find a good selection of not just removal companies, but also man with van movers. Keep your search to the Soho area alone, because a local removal company is just more convenient in the long run – there's less chance of lateness or journey complications if your mover knows the area like the back of their driving glove. You shouldn't stop at your own research either – ask people you know for advice. If you've got any relatives, friends or co-workers that have moved house recently, ask them about what company they used, and whether or not they're worth hiring. This way, you'll either learn from their bad experience, or you can use their good experience to your advantage.

Once you've collected a good amount of companies for your shortlist, you can start to whittle them down. The first step is to check customer feedback web sites for reviews – make sure you read a good selection of reviews and get an overall impression rather than just being spoiled by one or two bad reviews. Though, that being said, even if the bad reviews are scarce, if they all highlight the same problems it may be worth crossing that company off the list. Those bad apples may have a point, after all.

After taking all of the reviews into account, it's time to start checking prices. Before contacting the companies that are still on your list, make a note of how far you're travelling and how much you're taking (in terms of weight and space). These figures are important when asking for an estimate because that's how removal companies work them out – have those figures ready. Once they've given you the estimate, double check that it's accurate – you don't want to get burned by hidden costs.

Once you've done all this, you're ready to go – you will have found a removal company Soho that's low on price, but high on quality. Never underestimate the power of consumer review web sites. Not just for removal companies, but for other things such as hotels and cleaning services. By looking at other peoples experiences, you can make your own that much better. Your move from or around Soho can be made so much better by doing a little research...

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