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If you’re thinking that you could probably do your Sutton move yourself, then you have another thing coming. The process of making all of the arrangements for a move is a challenge, but having to do the heavy lifting, driving and unloading is a step too far! Unless you happen to be friends with a load of Sutton removal men, then it is unlikely that you or anyone you know has the wherewithal and experience to make the moving process a simple one, let alone an easy and relaxed experience. We’ll give you four reasons to let professional movers in Sutton guide the relocation process for you, so that you can sit back and enjoy the qualities of the move that you just wouldn’t have time to think about if you had been doing all of it yourself!

1.    Experience, it’s essential when you’re taking on a big job, and it is the reason that we shell out millions of pounds every year to removals companies as a country. You may think that given that all they do is lift stuff into a van, drive the van and then lift stuff off of it, that they are overpaid and perhaps unnecessary, but this is where you’ll be surprised. It takes a fair amount of training to lift things all day without breaking anything, as well as a great deal of experience in the industry to get used to lifting things round tight corners, through doors and upstairs. If you’ve ever had to lift a double wardrobe up a tight staircase, then you’ll know the efforts that these men have to go through every day, and the things that they will be able to deal with and put up with.

2.    Timings. With experience comes a knowledge of the job as a whole. You will be unlikely to know how the day should be planned out, and how long certain jobs should take. A removals expert will be able to make accurate estimates for the timings of your move, meaning that you are traveling at a time in the day that will suit your move best, whether it is in the middle of the day on a short move, in order to avoid traffic, or overnight as you do a long distance relocation, to avoid the potential hold ups of the morning and evening rush hours.

3.    A large van is something that you will probably not have. For this reason alone, there is good reason to get a Sutton removals company involved with your move, as they will be able to give you an estimate as to how large your move is, and which size of van they will need. They will also be experienced in driving this large vehicle through urban areas and on long distance motorway trips, which can be quite a skill, especially if underestimated.

4.    Manpower. Where are you going to find a decent handful of well-trained strong men who are up to the task of moving all of your possessions without damaging the paintwork and furnishings in your house? If your move is a large one, then finding enough friends to help out can be tricky in the first place, and equally disastrous if things start to go wrong. You may well find yourself with a mutiny on your hands if an untrained mate hurts their back while lifting a sofa, so make sure that you hire a properly trained and experienced removals team, to avoid spending extra money of repairs and accidents!

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