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When a person is living in a big city, which is also a capital, it is hard for one to imagine that it has special green and nice places, huddled somewhere in the rush and the traffic of the town. The citizens of London are probably considering the same for their city, but the truth is that there is a special part of the area, called Barnes, where one will feel like being on vacation.

Situated in the South-West part of the capital, it is one amazing place, and what is even better it is just ten kilometers away from the Charing Cross. What makes the spot even more beautiful is the loop of the great Thames River just there. Hammersmith Bridge is one of the landmarks of the area. Though very beautiful today, the bridge was often closed for constructional problems in the past. Fortunately today it is all repaired and thousand of people and vehicles are travelling on it daily.

Back on the area, it has to be said that the district is also forming a conservation region with the same name, to which many people refer to as the Village. The river gives great venues and spots to relax and enjoy the free time in the area. You will get so lost in the nice surrounding, that you will soon forget that you are actually few miles away from the center of one of the biggest European metropolitan areas.

Every moving starts with packing. To know some tricks to save time and space will always be good idea at this situation. Try to think as you are going on a vacation, it is not possible to take all the stuff with you, no matter how much you want to do so.  May be you do not to take as less as when you are going on a vacation either, but still it is closer to the truth.

Here are some tricks to help you save some place from the clothes’ packing and preparation. Usually the moving company will take care of the big objects like furniture and electronics, or at least it is strongly advised to trust them for that matter. There are many small things like lingerie and socks, that do not have to have their own space. What exactly does this mean? Here is an example. The socks can fit well in the shoes, imagine how many pairs you can stuff into your boots for example. This will save some space, and it is different from the situation when the socks stay in one bag and the shoes empty in another.

Choose to take the new clothes and those, which are not all of the same color. You probably have a favorite color, but you do not need to carry only similar pieces of clothes.

Jackets will probably cause you the most trouble and much space from your bags. Here is a simple and effective way to fold this piece of clothe. Hold the top of the color with your left hand and let the other part loose. With your right hand fold the back to the coats middle seam. Take the one sleeve and pull it inside out. Take the left sleeve then and tuck it to the inside out made right one. Position the sleeves flat and after it is done try to flat the rest of the jacket as well. Fold the other part of the jacket in two or three and then you are ready.


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