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People move for a variety of reasons, but one of the least preferable ones is because they can’t afford their current bills or rent. If you need to downsize and to reduce your living costs, the shock might be quite a serious one. Nobody likes changes, especially negative ones. When you are used to living in a spacious house or a flat, every place that’s smaller will look too small for all your belongings that you’ve been buying for years. The area of Greenwich in London is located in the southern part of the city. This will probably result in longer commuting and a number of other changes to get used to, which will only add up to your initial frustration and increasing levels of stress. Calm down, stay positive and think how you can make the best out of this situation which looks hard and quite undesirable. If you are only moving with your significant other, make sure that you keep the communication going on throughout the process or relocation.

Understand that the current situation is tough for both of you, but this is not a reason for negativism and arguments. There is a lot to plan in order to meet the deadline for the move and to move damage-free. One of the challenges for the family will be to decide what to move, what to throw away and what to keep in storage. That’s right – a temporary storage unit can be rented somewhere locally where you can keep the belongings you don’t have room for in your future home. Storage units are safe, well-maintained and our items can be packed in cardboard boxes and stored for months. This is a good option in the short run, until you decide what to do with these items, or until you manage to move to a bigger place again. Nobody likes parting with their beloved possessions, just because they are pressured by a move, but sometimes it’s inevitable. However, there is more you can do in terms of the downsizing. Instead of piling up all the belongings in the rooms, think how to use the house’s height as well. Buy custom-made boxes where you can store books and other items. Put more shelves on the walls and arrange the items you don’t have enough room for in drawers. If you try to keep the home well-maintained and aesthetically appealing, it won’t seem like downsizing, it will be closer to the popular trend in interior design, called minimalism. Everyone is crazy for minimalistic style and furniture pieces, so why don’t you make use of this fashion. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to turn your home from a cluttered area to a neat and sophisticated place. Use the area under the beds and the sofa for storage too. With just a little creativity and imagination you will manage to store more than you think you can fit in the house. London is full of shops where you can buy discounted furniture pieces and other items to replace the old ones with. Even the tiniest flat can be enough for your items, if they are in the right size and shape. Another option to consider is keeping some of your belongings at your parents’ house, even if that is in the countryside. You don’t have to throw away or donate everything you can’t fit in your home.

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