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There are plenty of reasons to move house; perhaps there's a better job market elsewhere, or you've already landed a job elsewhere and you just need to move closer. Maybe you're starting a University course and you want to move more locally to accommodate this new section of your life. Or maybe, just maybe, you just want to move because you feel like it – a new home will thin out the clutter in your life (and in your cupboards).

Whatever the reason, it's a good idea to hire a removal company. A good removal company will assist you with every step of the move, and make the whole process less stressful as a result. Some will handle the packing and unpacking as well as the transportation. Others will handle the disassembly and re assembly of your flat packed furniture and tables. Some will even handle the clean-up, so you don't have to. There's plenty of advantages to hiring a N4 moving company, but there are a few things to keep in mind before hiring one;

First off, it makes sense for the moving firm you hire to be local. A local firm is less likely to show up late and mess up your removal plans because they have less distance to travel and know the area like no one else. So, have a good look around for removal firms that are based in and around the N4 post code area. Check everywhere; the Internet, local newspapers, you can even check through word of mouth. If you know someone who's moved recently from your area, ask them for advice. Did the firm offer good customer service? Did they offer them the support that they needed? If you get positive responses to questions like this, then the firm they used is well worth adding to the list.

Once you've got this shortlist, it's time to start whittling it down. Do some research into each of them – check out what services they offer and if they suit your needs. Check their credentials too by looking around customer review web sites. A company you can't depend on is one that's not worth your time and money. 'Sloppy attention to detail', 'zero care and attention was given' – these are just some of the phrases you do not want to be associated with a moving company.

Now it's time to start checking prices. Before you start this step, make a note of how far you'll be travelling and approximately how much you'll be carrying in terms of weight and area. These two measures are what N4 movers use to make a price estimate. Ring each of them in turn and ask for one of these estimates. Be sure it's an accurate estimate – customers are often burned by firms that omit certain costs from them, and end up paying more than they expected at the other side. If, after you've collected all of the estimates some of the prices are dramatically lower than others, be sure to double check. It may well be too good to be true. If it isn't though, then go with it.

Some people overlook trust in a business transaction, but it's very important. Especially when the company in question will be lugging your prized possessions across the country. N4 residents should definitely take the above advice into account when planning their move for this reason. Don't enter into any business agreement unless you know it is legit.

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