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We Will Provide You with Successful Business Removals Every Time

Business RelocationHandy Removals specialise in successful business removals which will make moving your office or work space a whole lot quicker and easier. Don’t employ a removals company with little experience and who will risk losing your business and clients, when you can choose us to complete a fast and efficient move for you. If you’re worried about losing valuable working time, potential clients and don’t want to have to shut up your work place for a lengthy amount of time whilst you relocate, then hire us today and we can help you not to suffer these setbacks. We guarantee organised, controlled and professional relocation services, so if you’re looking for any of these qualities in your removals company, we are the perfect choice for you.


Just like with any task or project, relocating to a new work space is something that must be planned carefully and carried out in an organised way. Moving can sometimes be quite a big job and therefore requires a lot of planning and organisation no matter what the size of the move may be. With this in mind, we make sure that every one of our business relocations is given the necessary amount of planning and arranging that is required. Each office or work space relocation project is undertaken by members of our very professional and highly trained team, who will work together with you to provide you with all round stress-free and easy move. Although we like our clients to know that they can leave all of the work, planning and move managing to us, we encourage you to inform us of any special requirements or particular specifications that you may have in regards to relocating your business.

What Kind of Moves Do We Offer?

Office RelocationWe know that no two moves are ever the same, which is why we offer a range of different relocation services and vehicles of different sizes, so as to be able to meet the requirements and needs of every one of our clients. Our removal vehicles come in a range of different sizes, so you will not have any trouble in finding a suitable mode of transportation which will be able to accommodate all of your goods. Moves don’t just come in different sizes though because they can be different in other ways too. Sometimes it is not always necessary or possible to complete your whole business move during one day or in one single trip, which is why we offer a variety of other flexible options:
•    Single Day Moves – for those who need  or would prefer to relocate within one day
•    Internal Relocating – if you are just moving to a different floor or within the same building or site, then this service is for you and can be completed at a time that best suits you
•    Step-by Step Moving – perhaps your business is too big or cannot be moved all in one go and it may be more convenient to be relocated gradually step-by-step, in which case we can carry out the relocation over a time period that would be most convenient for you.
•    Weekend or Night Relocations – If there is no possible way that you can manage relocating during working hours, then we can move you during the night or over a weekend.
We promise that with our relocation packages, you will not have to let your move disrupt your commercial environment or suffer any business downtime. Moving with us is easy, simple and is always done at your convenience so it won’t affect you, your clients or employees.

For high quality business removals that you can rely on, call Handy Removals now on 020 8746 4380.

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