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Need Help – See how to Pack the Dining Room

Need Help – See how to Pack the Dining Room

22 July 2014

When people are moving for the first time in their lives and they have large house to relocate with all the belongings in it, it will probably not be the easiest thing one has done. These persons will need a lot of advices and help with what the future is holding for them.

Everything will be useful as information for them – from the tips that you may consider as simple and easy to think of to recommendations for removing companies, taken from your own experience.

In case you have some left packaging and extra materials for preparing the objects for transportation, you can give them to your friends, because people who are moving never seem to have enough materials for wrapping the items.

Although one of the favorite rooms for every family, the dining room is the hardest to be packed, because it contains so many smaller and bigger pieces and most if not all of them require special care and preparation, while are about to be moved. So in case you have a friend wondering what to do with the cups and the porcelain, here are useful advices you can give, as you combine them with your own experience.

Each and every piece from the china and any other glassware have to be wrapped in different paper. Do not make the mistake and pack the cup with the plate for example. In case you are interested especially from the way the paper should be folded, you can do that as you start from the corner, wrapping the paper diagonally and tuck the overlapping pieces as you do that. You may need more than one paper for a piece and additional for the cushion you have to make in the boxes where you will be putting the glassware.

The previous is concerning the things with non-flat shape. For the flats you can also use paper and then wrap each three into a bundle to make them more resistant to pressure. When you have really big plates you can perfectly use them as a lowest layer on the dish pack.

Use a cellular divided box for the cups in your dining room. You can also, for extra precaution wrap each one first as you put double layer especially on the handlers and any other parts like that.

The silver sets and any other pieces made from this material are surely the most precious things for you from the dining room. As they are very expensive and hard to be replaced, you have to take really good care for them. You can do that as you close them good from all sides with newsprint or plastic wrap. As you are sure there is no even smallest whole in your packaging, you have to know that you are absolutely protecting the silver from tarnishing.

For the curious, figurines and any others like that you should also be very careful how are prepared for the transportation. It will be very good of you first to use a tissue or paper towels to wrap it, and then you can use the usual paper wrapping materials.

If you have some special lamps with lamp shades you will like to pack, you have to be sure that you never use a newspaper to put it around them. The ink from it may go on the fabric and spoil your best looking accessory in the dining room.

Whatever extra precautions and wrapping you will advice your friends to use will surely do great work, but never forget to tell them to put the label “fragile” on each box, that consists such items.

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