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Hiring W1 Movers Dos And Don’ts

Hiring W1 Movers Dos And Don’ts

22 July 2014

For your move to the London area with postcode W1, you will most certainly need some professional help. With trained packers and movers to assist you, you will have a damage and stress-free house move, that goes smoothly and easily. This is what every family on the go wants – an easy transition, especially when moving with children. However, not every mover these days is a reliable one. The business with house moves is profitable and more and more rogue removals companies appear in the field. Here are the dos and don’ts you should be aware of when hiring movers for your relocation.

Local/Interstate Movers Fees:
The interstate removals company can charge you in two ways – with a flat rate or an hourly rate. There is a difference between these two moving estimates. The flat rate is based on the items that you need to move to the new city and the specific circumstances of the relocation, such as carrying charges, parking charges, etc. You need to read the contract carefully and be aware of the additional charges that are applied on the total cost. Any delay or obstacle on the way will result in an extra fee. You can try negotiating some of the things though.
On the other hand, the hourly rate will include the minimum amount of time that the movers will need to finish the relocation. There could also be a one-time tip added to the bill and additional charges. Make sure you read the moving contract.

What you need to do is investigate the W1 moving company before hiring it and also ask if they are a broker too, as these companies in fact hire a third party to complete the moving process. It’s best if you know who exactly will be moving your belongings. Research online and check for testimonials from previous clients. Another must of the house move is to make sure you are up front all of the circumstances that surround your move. This means taking care of any issues that may hinder the move. The access on the parking lot should be easy, as well as the access to your home. Next, ask for a written statement where all the charges are listed, including the extra fees. Discuss the insurance policy and your rights in the case of something being damaged, broken or lost along the way. Be aware of the paying schedule in advance, but make sure you pay the bigger part of the cost after everything has been moved.
Always review all the documents that you are provided with and don’t sign anything you are not sure about. After arriving at the new house, check each box to see whether everything’s arrived safely.

The don’ts of hiring a removals company are more or less clear, but here are the top ones:
•    Don’t hire a mover who refuses to sign a written agreement with you.
•    Don’t hire a mover who cannot guarantee full coverage.
•    Don’t hire a mover who insists on cash payment only.
•    Don’t hire a mover who doesn’t have an office and wouldn’t send a representative at your home to estimate the shipment.
•    Don’t hire a mover who has received outstanding complaints in the past.
•    Don’t hire a mover who gives you an estimate that’s too low.
•    Don’t hire a mover who simply seems too good to be true.

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