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Moving can be hard work and stressful, so it important that you choose the right company that you can rely on. Handy Removals have been specialising in relocations, storage facilitates and packing for generations and are fully capable of managing your move to your new property or in to one of our self-maintained storage units. We provide a variety of high quality and professional services which aim to make your experience with us a positive and enjoyable one. Our goal is to relieve our clients of the hard work, stress and complications during the moving process, finding storage solutions, hiring man and van services or with packing up, which is why you will not find a more caring, friendlier or efficient team of workers elsewhere.

Since our company was founded, we have undertaken thousands of removals every week, which is how our team have built up their excellent reputation and high amount of experience in this industry. There are a very few places which our removals men have moved our clients to over the years, because we cover such a large area for our relocation services. Every member of our team is a skilled and qualified individual who will be able to help you should you require their assistance at any time. Our efficient and professional team all work together to ensure that our company runs smoothly and successfully at all times, as every member of the team has an important job to do and contributes to the running of the firm. Every single member of staff has completed the compulsory training course, which is provided by our company, before coming to work in our team. Our training system ensures that our employees are able to handle any situation that may arise in the workplace or involving our clients, as well as learning vital information about the services which we provide. Having successfully passed our training, it is safe to say that our team members are more than capable of providing you with excellent and efficient services.

We understand that relocating is not a one size fits all kind of package, as every move is different and they come in all various shapes, weights and sizes. Knowing this, we appreciate the fact that it is not suitable to provide every client with the same standard relocation package, which is why we offer different types of services for those who are relocating. Not only do we offer a mixture of different sized removals, as well as commercial and domestic relocations, but we will also relocate you to any are where you need to go.

Our removals services include the following:
•    Business Moves
•    House Removals
•    Moving Abroad
We also offer man and van services, which can also be used for small moves and for transporting other goods.

Our other services related to relocating and transportation are as follows:
•    Man and Van Services
•    Self-Maintained Storage Facilities
•    Packing Supplies
•    Professional Packing Service
As well as completing your relocation for you, we can also help you with tasks that need to be sorted before or after relocating. If you are in need of packing materials, such as heavy duty boxes, you can order them from us and get them delivered to your home or work place. If you’re unable to pack up your items yourself then you can book us to complete the full packing task for you. We also offer safe and secure storage facilities which you may hire out for long or short periods of time.

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