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When you decide to make the move to the W13 area, you may be thinking about how exactly you are going to move your belongings from your old to your new house.  You could hire a removals company to move your things for you, whilst removal companies are experienced and help to make the move quicker and less stressful, they are also much more expensive. The cheaper moving home option is to hire a van or a removal vehicle, or even just use your own vehicle if you have one big enough, and more your things for yourself.

If you have decided to a DIY removal job and have a vehicle that you can use, you must make yourself aware of the safest ways to load a vehicle and how this vehicle can be affected if is loaded with too much weight.

Here is some information that may come in useful to you if you are starting the process of loading your car or vehicle up ready for the move:
When you are loading up your car you must ensure that you evenly spread the weight out over the car so there is no more weight on one more side more than the other.  If there is a heavier side of the car this may cause it to become unstable when you drive it, it won’t be able to retain its balance as well and it will make the vehicle unsafe to drive. You should walk around the vehicle before you set off to see if it looks too heavy on the axles, if it is it may not be safe to drive. Car have a limit as to how heavy they can be, if they are over this weight they are illegal to drive, not to mention dangerous, you should consider getting the car weighed to make sure it is under the weight maximum limit.

Trailers are very useful when you are moving home, all you need to do is attach it to the back of your car and tow it along with you as you drive. If you don’t have a trailer of your own you can rent one instead, they are available in a range of sizes which can hold quite a lot of your stuff. If you do decide to use a trailer make sure you properly secure all of your things before you set off to your new home, the last thing you want is for something to fall off along the way, it is a good idea to place a sheet over the trailer and secure this down. As with cars, trailers also have a limit as to how much weight they can carry and so the weight of the trailer should be checked before you set off.

If you are hiring a van, consider how big you need it to be.  The bigger the van, the more it will cost you, but why spend more if you don’t have too.  If you hire a van that is too small you may have to do more than one journey, equally if it is too big then your things might move around inside of the van and could get damaged, especially if they aren’t secured properly. Secure the weight of your belongings evenly over the van so there is no more weight on any one side, and consider how you pack it, for example, don’t put a box of books on top of a box marked fragile.

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