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When you are moving house it is very likely that you have had to deal with hiring many different services, and this can result in some serious expenses; from agency fees to deposits and solicitors costs, you will find that moving house is more than just the cost of a property. For this reason you will be unwilling to push the boat out on the move, as this can become extremely expensive in itself. You can reduce the moving expenses by hiring an SW19 man with a van service, but there are a few things to think about in order to keep your move efficient and safe, rather than sacrificing the quality of your move by cutting costs and corners.

Firstly, is your move the right size for a SW19 man and van service? If you are moving a four bedroomed house, then you are likely in the range of house size that will not be economically moved with a smaller man and van service. If you have a larger house and a lot of stuff, then the costs of finding help as well as the potentiality of multiple trips will likely stack up to being similar to that of a proper full sized removal, but with the added stress of organizing it all on your own. If your place is smaller, three bedroom say, with not a huge amount of furniture, then you should be able to find a larger man and van service who can accommodate your needs. Middle sized tucks are available with drivers on an hourly basis, so if your move is not too far then you can afford to spend the time on loading up a larger van and saving the money on a huge removals team.

If you are going to go down the man and van route, then you should be adequately prepared to shift some heavy furniture. You will likely be hiring a man who is capable of lifting things, but if you do not have the ability yourself, then you will certainly need to find someone who is, as no matter how strong he is, no one man can carry a sofa by himself! When enlisting the help of others in this case, you will need to make sure that they are strong, and if you can get more than one helper then you would do well to do so. Make sure that whoever helps you out is equipped with a bit of training, even if it is reading the safety instructions to carrying heavy objects on the internet. Moving heavy furniture can result in some serious injuries, which would obviously put a bit of a downer on the day. You should offer payment of a big home cooked meal at the new house as payment, but if your friends want a little bit of cash as a thank you, then it will likely still remain cheaper than a SW19 removal company.

When you are using a man and van service you will want to be wary of how the man charges you. Some companies offer a fixed fee, which can be a lot more expensive than the other method of paying per hour. That said, a fixed fee will cover you should you run into any trouble, or if there is bad traffic, or if you spend longer loading the van than you thought you would. Therefore, if you know the move well, then an hourly rate should be fine, but if you want security and no surprises, then a fixed fee will be the best bet.

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