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Now you’re the proud owner of a new home in BR1, it can be easy to think the hard work will be out the way once you have unloaded your removals van, but unpacking can be just, if not more stressful than the move itself. In order to enable you to spend less time unpacking and more time enjoying what Bromley has to offer, make use of these tips before and after your move.

Organised Packing

This is something that should be done before you even pack a removal van. Make sure to organise all items and keep them grouped by room, and label clearly on the boxes where they need to go. All bedroom items should be labelled as such for example, along with kitchen, bathroom, and so on. This will not only help your removal company deal with the packing efficiently, but be very useful when you unpack, as you can make sure that all items are where they should be, leaving you to simply unpack them where they belong rather than having to do more carrying and rearranging once you’ve arrived.

Planning the layout of your new home

When you initially viewed your new home, you will no doubt have had ideas about where things could go and what you’d like to out where. Note these ideas down! Once you’ve arrived, you can then unload things to the area you plan on having them, which can save you having to move things around later. This is especially true for heavy items like wardrobes and beds, so try and get these things in the places you want them during the unpacking process. Another advantage of doing this as soon as you arrive, is that you’ll have the help of your Bromley movers, so won’t have to do any heavy lifting alone.

Unpack essentials first

When labelling and packing boxes, make sure to put any essential items you will need as soon as you’ve arrived in a special box or suitcase, and mark it as ‘essentials’. Ideally, you should include things like toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste etc), basic kitchen goods for cooking a simple meal, some cutlery, towels, and a change of clothes. This will help you to get settled in sooner, and freshen up before tackling the rest of the unpacking.

Do the heavy lifting first

Your heavy goods should be unpacked first, as they will require the most effort. You don’t want to leave these items until last as you will probably be tired and may be at risk of injury. By getting your heavy items in place, in accordance with your floor plan, will mean the nard work is out of the way as soon as possible. You can then take your time unpacking the smaller and easier items.

Don’t rush

Moving home is very tiring and you are likely to feel it after dealing with your heavy items. Trying to get everything unpacked on the day of your move is optimistic, and will generally only lead to rushed unpacking, which might mean you only create more work for yourself later. Take your time - unpack your essentials, have something to eat, freshen up a bit. You’ve arrived and hopefully have given yourself a few days to settle in, so enjoy your new home and unpacking. You’re much more likely to get everything where you want it the first time round this way, and get settled in sooner in the long run.

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